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NEPTUNE workshop 2007 May 22-23

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Model-Driven Engineering: National and Competitive Programmes

Mardi 22 et mercredi 23 mai 2007, 8 h 45-17 h 30
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
292, rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

Model-Driven Engineering, and especially model-based development processes, have always been at the focal point of the "Journées Neptune". The paradigm upon which they are based no longer considers the source code as a central element of the software, it is rather considered as an element derived from model units, or, more generally, an element derived from the fusion or interweaving of model units.

This approach is all the more important in the context of software and hardware architectures driven by standards such as MDA (Model-Driven Architecture) proposed by the standards authority OMG, Microsoft's Software Factories or IBM's proposal of EMF (Eclipse Modeling Software) tools. Such systems of architecture naturally find their place in model-based development processes where, at each modelling level, they ensure that the models obtained and re-used have the required properties. Methodological approaches oriented towards the integration and re-use of tested software bricks (design patterns, software components, frameworks, etc.) can be proposed to analysts/designers/developers for guide and assistance at all stages of the development process.

This research has, until today, been carried out in a context of collaboration between academics and industrials mainly for critical applications, for instance in aeronautics and space. The resulting technologies have proved to enable tight control of design processes. One appreciable effect has been to reduce the overall time required for the design, debugging, production and maintenance stages of the software while, at the same time guaranteeing all the qualities demanded.

The objective of the 4th "Journées Neptune" is to present a panorama of the research into development models and processes as recognised and supported in competitive programmes at the national level. The first day (May 22nd 2007) will be devoted to reporting on academic/industrial research carried out as part of national (e.g. RNTL) and European programmes into model engineering research. The second day (May 23rd 2007) will be given over to exchanges between competitive programmes in order to achieve pooling of resources and funding, eliminate any redundancies, and lead to better complementarity between the various actions.

Organized together by IRIT, Communication & Systèmes and CNAM, the NEPTUNE'2007 days will take place Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007 and Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 in the "Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers".

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