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The RT/E platform

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Dedicated tools for Real-Time & Embedded systems software engineering
The OpenEmbeDD project intends to produce, collect and package open source MDE software for Real Time & Embedded (RT&E) systems. As RT&E MDE design is first model driven engineering, the OpenEmbeDD platform is based on MDE generic tools which RT&E processes are built upon.

OpenEmbeDD as RT/E engineering platform

Industrial and science partners

  • Large industrial companies: Airbus, Thales DAE, Thales R&D, France Telecom
  • Medium sized software companies: CS SI, Anyware Technologies
  • Well-known research agencies: CNRS, CEA, INRIA
  • MDE & RT/E labs: Aoste, Atlas, DaRT, Espresso, LAAS, List, Triskell, VASY, Verimag
OpenEmbeDD project partners


A MDE tools' chain for RT/E engineering

  • RT/E dedicated metamodels (MMs)
  • Modelers for RT/E: AADL, Marte, SysML, SDL
  • Synchronous RT: Polychrony tools, SynDEx modeler
  • Asynchronous RT: Fiacre pooling metamodel,...
  • Bridges to external tools: CADP, IF, Tina

Full conformance with industrial standards

  • Early support of standards like UML 2.1 or Marte
  • Complete UML diagrams: class, state machine, use case,...
  • Not only UML modeler: AADL, SysML,...
  • OMG MOF with static & dynamic semantics added by Kermeta
  • Frequent intermediate versions for up-to-date tools & modelers

YOUR platform for Real-Time & Embedded engineering

  • Create your models with our modelers or import them
  • Transform them into other RT/E models
  • Extract parts to be validated in RT/E tools
  • Generate corresponding source code
  • Use the results into your embedded systems
    REM: have a look on our partners' industrial use cases