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Documentation Papyrus
The UML profiles modeler
Documentation TimeSquare (CCSL Parser)
Documentation Polychrony
Documentation SynDEx
Documentation MARTE
Modeling and Analysis of Real Time and Embedded systems
Documentation ATL
Model transformation language and toolkit.
Documentation Kermeta
Model simulation, checking and transformation
Documentation Topcased
Toolkit In OPen source for Critical Applications & SystEms Development
Documentation Basic Demo
A PDF version of the OpenEmbeDD Basic Demo on-line help, to present it to interested people (tells how to install the demo).
Documentation Troubleshooting
What kind of trouble you may encounter installing OpenEmbeDD on specific platforms, and how you can solve them.
Documentation Get an old version
Some time, you need to get an old release of OpenEmbeDD in order to work on old stuff.
Documentation OpenEmbeDD source
The OpenEmbeDD software is delivered under open source licenses (see each tool properties). You can get the sources here.
Documentation How to upgrade?
How to get the last version of the OpenEmbeDD software without falling in versions conflicts
Documentation OpenEmbeDD home
Model Driven Engineering open-source platform for Real-Time & Embedded systems