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The MDE platform

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OpenEmbeDD: an open source platform for Model Driven Engineering
The OpenEmbeDD project intends to produce, collect and package open source MDE software for Real Time & Embedded (RT&E) systems. As RT&E MDE design is first model driven engineering, the OpenEmbeDD platform is based on MDE generic tools which RT&E processes are built upon.

MDE: Model Driven Engineering

The use of models in software design appears as a enhancement of the Object Oriented Programming solution to the software crisis induced by increase of code complexity. Then the UML language gave designers a standard to write specifications. Because a specification officialy represents what the corresponding software piece must be, the idea occurs engineers should work on this model as deeply as possible in the software process, against pinning UML on the wall and coding without a look on it. The Model Driven Engineering now transforms models, adds behavior to them, simulates them, validates them with formal methods, extracts tests from them, generates code for multiple targets.

OpenEmbeDD as open source MDE platform

An easy to install MDE platform

  • An Eclipse update site with all needed dependencies
  • Complete bundles for Linux, Windows & Mac OS X systems
  • Plug-in zipped files to add MDE to your daily Eclipse
  • Easy to use within classrooms
OpenEmbeDD is easy to install


A powerful MDE tools' chain

  • The EMF standard for manipulation of metamodels (MMs)
  • Topcased generator to define your own modelers
  • ATL transformation language for wrappers between MMs
  • Kermeta aspects to breath life into your metamodels
  • Easy UML profiles with Papyrus modeler

Full conformance with industrial standards

  • Early support of standards like UML 2.1 or Marte
  • Complete UML diagrams: class, state machine, use case,...
  • Not only UML modeler: AADL, SysML,...
  • OMG MOF with static & dynamic semantics added by Kermeta
  • Frequent intermediate versions for up-to-date tools & modelers

YOUR Domain Specific MDE platform

  • Create your own metamodels in the Ecore modeler
  • Generate a reflexive editor for each metamodel with EMF
  • Easily define the corresponding graphical modelers
  • Have benefits from all MDE tools developed around the platform
  • Develop dedicated transformations & generators

A demo of a MDE tool chain