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Toolkit In OPen source for Critical Applications & SystEms Development

TOPCASED is an integrated System/Software engineering toolkit compliant with the requirements of critical and embedded applications. It covers the stages from requirements analysis to implementation, as well as some transversal activities like anomaly management, version control, and requirements traceability.

TOPCASED is strongly model-oriented : not only TOPCASED provides model editors, model checkers and model transformations, but is also itself based on modelling and code generation.

TOPCASED is a meta-tool : you can develop your own graphical editors and model transformation using TOPCASED.


  • Generator of graphical editor for models
  • Model transformations
  • Bus for models and services
  • Graphical editors for generic modeling tools : Ecore, UML
  • Graphical editors for modeling tools, dedicated to Real Time and to Embedded systems : SAM, AADL, SysML
  • Anomaly Management, Version Control, Requirements Traceability
  • Documentation generator

How to use Topcased?

Broadly there are two types of user in environment Topcased, on the one hand there are the developers of RT/E (Real Time / Embedded systems) modeling tools which use generic services on the models and code generation, and on the other side the users of specialized graphic editors for modeling RT/E.

Topcased environment is integrated inside the Eclipse platform, it contains one usefull perspective which allows to get easy menus of action for modeling and one navigator to manage projects. You can access a detailed online documentation.

Samples of generic tools :

Topcased Modeling FrameworkUML modelerEcore modeler

Samples of graphical model editors :

SysML modelerSAM modelerAADL modeler

Interests and outcomes

Currently Topcased is already used by many developers around the world using the technic of software development by models driven engineering.
It is used also by increasing numbers of designers of embedded systems, more specifically of embedded systems software or hardware or software/hardware.
For instance, more and more engineers use SysML modeler to design complex systems with a more easy way than UML which is more software-oriented than hardware. The same applies for the AADL modeler which can be used for modeling hardware and software architectures in  the contexts of automotive, aeronautic and spatial .  On a more generic, for a development from metamodels in Eclipse / EMF, the modeler Ecore has now become an indispensable tool.

Here is a list of industrial partners : AdaCore, Airbus France, Anyware Technologies, Atos Origin, CNES, CNRS LAAS, CS (Communications & Systems), EADS Astrium, Ellidiss Technologies, Fédération de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique CNRS FR 2238, INSA, Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, MICOUIN Consulting for Innovative Systems Engineering, Laboratoire Modelisation Intelligence Processus Systèmes (Université de Haute Alsace), ONERA-CERT, Rockwell Collins, Sodifrance, Siemens VDO, Sogeti High Tech, TNI-Software, Tectosages (SSII), Thales Avionics, UFSC DAS.

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