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    SynDEx is a CAD software based on the AAA methodology (Algorithm Architecture Adequation).  It allows to specify application algorithms and distributed architectures, as well as to perform their adequation by exploring manually and/or automatically the possible implementations while satisfying real-time constraints. It automatically generates the code corresponding to the chosen implementation. Suited for rapid prototyping it allows hardware/software codesign. It is devoted to safety critical applications in transports (aircraft, automobile, train,  etc), mobile robotics, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial control, etc.
    SynDEx improves the safety of implementations thanks to the consistency between specification and executable code, thus reducing real-time tests. This ability associated with automatic code generation decreases significantly the development lifecycle.


  • SynDEx Model specification (compatible with Ecore metamodel of SynDEx)
  • Model Transformation ( SynDEx is the target metamodel for the transformation Polychrony-SynDEx and Scicos-SynDEx)
  • Connection with SynDEx software for one hand exploration of implementations (distribution and scheduling) performed manually, or automatically with optimization heuristics, and also for the generation of distributed real-time deadlock-free executives

How to use SynDEx?

  • Specification of application functions using application diagrams,  which connect functions with data dependencies
  • Specification of distributed embedded systems architecture using "multicomponent" diagrams  built with software (processor) and/or hardware (ASIC,FPGA) components interconnected through communication media (point-to-point, multipoint, shared memory, message passing)
  • Specification of association between functions and architecture components, quantifying (in terms of function duration, amount of memory, circuit surface, etc.) or constraining the possible distributions


Interests and outcomes

SynDEx is used in different projects like OpenDevFactory, MeMVaTEx

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