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Use Case 1: car industry

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Use MDE paradigm and OpenEmbeDD tools to design an ESP system (Electronic Stability Program).


Targetted system

  • industrial partners: a large european car-maker + a computer & engineering services company
  • final application: a command control law for the ESP system (Electronic Stability Program)

Impacted domains

  • Embedded system
    • software development
    • optimisation of resources (time, memory,...)
  • Command control
    • complex algorithms
    • use of Computer-Aided Control System Design
    • how implement?

The problem to be solved

The design of the Command Control Law is done on the Scicos dynamical system modeler of the SciLab computation software.

This design needs to be translate on SynDEx system CAD software in order to prepare implementation on single and bi-processor units.

Scicos use

The command control is drawn as a technical system with a discrete system with a continuous / discrete part of the process.

SynDEx help needed

The targetted hardware is described with constraints defined on the architecture. The fonctionnal algorithm is also designed.

Then optimisations can be ran, and simulations can be driven in real-time context.

After all, the real-time implementation code can be generated.

How use them together?

The data should be put in the tools once and then shared by the whole chain, which implies the two platforms

OpenEmbeDD as solution

Metamodels for Scicos & SynDEx

For a complete management of the designs and a full ability to later use modeling tools which the OpenEmbeDD platform, the internal structure of both Scicos and SynDEx have been modelized. The result is metamodels of the two platforms.

Scicos text2model transformation

As Scicos (inside SciLab) produces, manages and export only textual files, a text2model transformation has been developped in order to automatically produce corresponding models. Those models can then be processed inside the OpenEmbeDD MDE tools.

Scicos -> SynDEx model2model transformation

A full gateway has been realized between the Scicos ans SynDEx metamodels, as a model2model transformation which has been written in the Kermeta language of the OpenEmbeDD platform.

SynDEx tools in OpenEmbeDD platform

the OpenEmbeDD platform includes the SynDEx metamodel plus a corresponding graphical modeler, which can be used to get graphical view of any SynDEx model.

SynDEx generation of code

As the SynDEx platform itself is an external application from the OpenEmbeDD platform, with textual input files, a model2text transformation has been written which takes a SynDEx model as input and generates the corresponding SynDEx textual file. Once this file is imported in SynDEx, all SynDEx tools can be ran on it, which includes the architectures specific code generators.