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OpenEmbeDD project's industrial & academic partners

Industrial partners

Industrial majors

airbus-150x119.png Airbus is the largest aircraft builder in Europe, with strong requirements on Real-Time efficiency and security.
top_logo_thales2.gif Thales is a leader in aeronautics and defence systems. Two divisions from Thales are OpenEmbeDD partners: DAE and R&D
France Telecom is one of the largest telecom providers in Europe, under Orange brand. They need to better modelize services for mobiles and easily compose them.

Software engineering companies

Anyware-Technologies2.jpg Anyware Technologies is a medium sized company which provide engineering services to bigger companies like Airbus. They widely contribute to the Topcased modeling system.
logo_cs3.jpg CS Communication & Systèmes is a french company offering services in industrial software like RT/E. They have deep skills in automotive industry which implies Real-Time embedded systems.

Scientific partners

Stand-alone laboratories

CEA-List is a research lab inside the french Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique. Its main domains are MDE for RT/E systems, formal specification and test generation, safe design of critical systems. They are a main contributor to OMG Marte standard.
CNRS-LAAS is a reseach unit (UPR 8001) of the french Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. It has four main research thema: micro & nano systems, modelisation and driving of systems, robots and autnomous systems, critical software systems.
Verimag is a common lab shared by the CNRS, the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble and the Université Joseph Fourier. Its goal is to produce theoretical results and software tools embedded systems design.

INRIA laboratories

Aoste has develop an approach in design of embedded systems that is called "Platform-based design", which gives ability to use multiple architectures for the same application. They developped the SynDEx tool.

Atlas is specialized in management of complex data in distributed systems. In order to use a MDE approach on this thema, they have developped a transformation language named ATL with its integrated environement.

DaRT researchers work on System-on-Chip joined modelization. For such goal, they developped the Gaspard co-design environement.

Espresso designed a formal computation model for real-time systems with multiple clocks. The team has developped the Signal language and the Polychrony toolbox.

Triskell is a research team deeply involved in Model Driven Engineering. Their main software is the Kermeta metamodeling environement.

VASY research thema is about formal methods applied to critical systems. It include formal modelization languages, methodology, simulation, validation, verification. They have developped the CADP toolbox.